Dr Christer Pursiainen is Professor of Societal Security and Safety at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), in Tromsø, Norway. Previously, he has worked in senior research and administrative positions in universities, research institutions, consulting companies and international organisations in Finland, Italy, Russia, and Sweden. He holds a doctorate in Political Science from the University of Helsinki.

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Professional experience:

PROFESSOR OF SOCIETAL SECURITY AND SAFETY, Arctic University of Norway (UiT),  Department of Engineering and Safety, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tromsø, NORWAY. (August) 2014 -- permanent, ongoing. 

(Including one-year visiting senior research positions at the London School of Economics, Centre for International Studies, 2018-2019, and University of Hamburg, Center for Sustainable Society Research, 2023-2024.) 

SENIOR SCIENTIST, European Commission, Critical Infrastructure Protection Coordinator, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Ispra, ITALY.  2012-2014.

SENIOR ADVISER, Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), Civil Security portfolio, Permanent International Secretariat, Stockholm, SWEDEN. 2008-2012.

SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW, Nordregio – Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (under Nordic Council of Ministers), Stockholm, SWEDEN. 2001-2007 (2004-2005 on 80% leave). 

CHIEF EXPERT, Russian-European Centre for Economic Policy (GOPA Worldwide Consultants, Germany, on behalf of the European Commission), Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION. 2004-2005.

ACTING DIRECTOR, Aleksanteri Institute – Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Helsinki, FINLAND. 2000-2001. 

SENIOR RESEARCHER, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, FINLAND. 1998-2000.

RESEARCHER, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, FINLAND. 1995-1997.

INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR (Finnish-Russian-English), ABB Installaatiot, a military village project, work site located in Samara region, RUSSIAN FEDERATION. 1993-1994.

ELECTRICIAN, several electricity companies, mainly in construction, industry and maintenance, in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku,  FINLAND. 1983-1991.

QUALITY CONTROLLER, ASEA Kabel, Stockholm, SWEDEN. 1981-1982.

INDUSTRIAL WORKERASEA Kabel, Stockholm, SWEDEN. 1979-1980.

Academic degrees:

MASTER OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, University of Turku, Finland. 1992.

DOCTOR OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, University of Helsinki, Finland. 1999.